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Natural Outdoor Learning Through Play

Being outdoors every day provides children with natural light, fresh air and a rich sensory experience that changes with the seasons. In our morning preschool, with 2 & 3 day/week options, imagination, curiosity, and therefore learning are stimulated with every activity. Our young learners develop strength, coordination, and self-confidence as they run, climb, dig and build. They build friendships as they learn and practice the skills of communication, care and empathy. And with our emphasis on playful outdoor learning, they develop a love and reverence for all living things and the world around them.


Little House Preschool is a nurturing play oriented program. Relational learning, learning in context, and mindful attention are the primary approaches we employ. We choose to keep a fresh and lively engagement with the ongoing creation of our schools curriculum. Everything we do is inspired by listening to and observing the children in our program. We take our cues from what we know about their development, their interests, their feelings, needs and challenges. These provide the guidance we need to build our unique offerings. We rely on our intuition and inspiration. We pay close attention to what mother earth is offering up each and everyday.  

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