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A daughter getting a kiss from her parent on the cheek

What Parents Say About Little House

"I knew we were home..."

We toured ten preschools (Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, etc.) before Little House. The moment we walked through the picket fence and met Christine, both my daughter and I knew we were home. The care and appreciation for the child’s whole experience is reflected everywhere - in the outdoor play spaces, the animals and garden, the cozy classroom environment, the organic food, the creative projects, the aesthetics, and in Christine’s warm demeanor. We fell in love and are so thankful to be a part of this school community.                      

Arianne, Mother of Eden

"A kind and nurturing teacher..."

Like many parents I wanted my child's preschool experience to feel like an extension of our home... Little House feels like that and so much more. Christine is not only a skilled early childhood teacher, she has a natural gift for communicating with and understanding young children. I know that when my daughter attends Little House she's not only immersed in an imaginative world of play and discovery, but she is also under the guidance of kind and nurturing teacher. Children are welcomed into a warm and inviting environment where Christine has created beautiful play spaces using natural, new or unfamiliar objects and materials to peak curiosity and promote creative play. Using an artistic eye, Christine is always transforming the environment with intention, in order to meet the needs and interests of the children. In Little House’s playscape  it’s common to find the children building forts using natural materials, swinging under a canopy of trees, feeding the chickens, digging in the garden or splashing in mud puddles.        

Westie, Mother of four-year-old Everleigh

A happy family in the yard holding a ballon
A happy mom and daughter at the beach

"A magical way with children..."

My daughter has been in Christine's care at Little House for the past two years, and she and Christine have formed a truly special bond during this time. My daughter gets so excited for her days at Christine's, which speaks volumes about the connections she's made with both Christine and the other children at the school. Christine is gifted in the ways she interacts with young children - the way she helps them to make discoveries and observations. I am constantly impressed with her ability to see each child for who they are, and appreciate and develop their individual strengths. She also fosters a strong sense of community among the children. Christine simply has a magical way with children, and anyone lucky enough to send their child(ren) to her little school will be so grateful they made that choice. We are off to kindergarten next year and this special time will be deeply missed!      

Erin, Mother of four-year Avery

When my son had to move on to another school...

“I don’t want my new school tomorrow. It's not like Christine's.” When I heard my son say this, I knew he was right. There was a difference. While there was nothing really wrong with his new school, it just wasn't yours. There were no chickens, no climbing tree, no porch with different activities set out for him each day. No painted rocks to stow away in his pockets. Your playground is unique because it was made by your family. He learned in your garden and felt free. Jumping on the mats inside on rainy days and eating good food with his friends at your tiny table was where he learned to be grateful. You have a light in you that shines out to the kids. You let them be who they are. You protect them. You treat them with respect. You let them learn, from you and one another. Each one is special to you and you somehow have time and attention for everyone.  I know for him there will never be another place quite like yours.

Adam, Father of three-year old Oscar

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